Ecole des beaux arts

The School of Fine Arts occupies the former Monastic buildings of saint Croix's abbey, reorganized in 1887 by Alphonse Ricard for his installation. Its annexe, situated square Renaudel, was inaugurated in 2004. Its rehabilitation and its extension were entrusted to Flint architects' agency.The café Pompier (this building of the XIXth sheltered a fire station) is managed by a group of students. Its ambitious cultural program takes part in the school desire to exchanges with the citysens.
Compared to other higher education offers, the École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux represents a unique opportunity for young students. Few higher-level establishments prepare young people for the artistic professions and generate such strong personal commitment in students and teachers. It also fosters multiple innovative artistic projects that constantly renew the dynamic artistic scene in Bordeaux. The school's ambition is to see its students visibly demonstrating not only their ability to create works and share them but also the formidable cultural potential of the city, the region, French, European and international culture., Guadalupe Echevarria, Director
The École des beaux-arts de Bordeaux trains artists and creators through two different options: Art & Media, and Design. It provides vocational training that includes general studies as well as a highly professional and personalized program. After 3 years, students are qualified to take the DNAP (National Diploma of Plastic Arts) exam. After 5 years, they are qualified to take the DNSEP (Superior National Diploma of Plastic Expression) exam. The DNSEP is currently in the process of being recognized as the equivalent of a Master's degree. The school curriculum is divided into three phases: the first year, a program phase (years 2 and 3) and a project phase (years 4 and 5).
CS 720107 rue des Beaux Arts 33800 Bordeaux Cedex